Design Terms

Invoice must be paid in full before installation of design

All payments will be made through PayPal

Once your invoice has been paid, you will be added to the waiting list

Due to the nature of services, refunds will not be given for any reasons

wait time
Design process takes approx. 2 weeks. If it will take any longer than that, I will let you know in advance

You MAY NOT, for any reason, copy, sell, or re-use the images used in this design

You MAY NOT, for any reason, copy, sell, or re-use the HTML code installed, by me, to your blog

 You MAY edit or add text to your layout or move gadget locations

design credit
As long as my design is installed on your blog, you must keep the button, uploaded by me, that links back to my site. Also, you must keep the credit given to the Digital Kit designer

Revisions can be made to your design for a fee of $20 

Blogs by Jocelyn is NOT responsible for any photos, text, gadgets, or any other elements lost in the design process. You must save your template prior to installation

To install your design, I will need access to your Blogger & Photobucket (if you have one) accounts. Which means I will need email and passwords for you accounts. Any information given to me regarding email accounts, passwords, etc. will be kept completely confidential

**If you have any questions not answered in the Design Terms, contact me at**